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“I put out a picture and it became news” – Virat Kohli on MS Dhoni retirement rumours

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Kohli stated that he learnt a lesson from the Twitter burst.

When Virat Kohli put out a photo from India’s Super 10 match against Australia during World T20 2016 with the caption “A game I can never forget. Special night. This man, made me run like in a fitness test.”@msdhoni.”, it created a huge Twitter stir. People started speculating that Dhoni was going to announce his retirement from the sport, and Kohli’s post was seen as a tribute.

So it was natural that when Virat Kohli came out for the pre-match press conference ahead of the first T20I against South Africa at the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium (HPCA) in Dharamsala, he was asked about the same. And that one question cleared all the speculation as Kohli revealed his thought process behind sharing the image.

“Mere zehen mein kuch naahi thaa yaar (I had nothing in my mind),” said Kohli. “I was sitting at home and I normally put out a photograph and it became a news item.”

“I think it was a lesson for me, that the way I think, the whole world does not think that way. There was nothing in the farthest stretch of my imagination (that it could be taken as retirement tribute) while putting that picture out on social media.”

“Like what did I write. I remember that game even now, every now and then. I never spoke about that game and so I thought I put up a post. Now people interpreted it in a different manner in which there was not even an iota of truth,” said the disappointed skipper,” he added.

Dhoni always thinks about Indian cricket – Virat Kohli

While Dhoni is not going to be a part of the team that plays a three-match T20I series against South Africa starting tomorrow in Dharamsala, Virat Kohli threw his weight behind the legendary career saying “Dhoni always thinks about Indian cricket and there is no replacement for experience”. 

“Experience is always going to matter whether you like it or not. Many players have proven in the past that age is just a number and even Dhoni has done that a lot in his career. One thing great about him is that he thinks for Indian cricket. When to stop playing cricket, is completely an individual decision. No one should give opinions regarding the matter,” Kohli told reporters.


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